Changed opening hours

Dear patients, dear parents,
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required to implement a few changes in our clinic routine. Based on the current recommendations of the Kassenzahnärztlichen Vereinigung (KZV), we are going to reduce our working hours.  » Make an appointment
Our office hours are as follows:

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Practise Hermsdorf
Only Monday and Wednesday
9–12:30 / 13:30–18:00
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Practise Hohen Neundorf
Only Tuesday and Thursday
9–12:30 / 13:30–18:00
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Practise Spandau
Monday through Thursday
9–12:30 / 13:30–18:00
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ATTENTION! We ask that all patients with flu-like symptoms (cough / runny nose / sore throat / fever) do NOT come to the clinic! Appointments that have already been booked can be reordered. Furthermore, we also ask patients with contact to Covid 19 patients (also in suspected cases or people under quarantine) NOT to come to the practice.

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